Main Topics

The conference will cover several topics that are relevant in the transportation sector. In this respect, it will focus on issues of transport modeling and control, transport economics and policy, planning and operation as well as innovative solutions, since they proved to be useful in previous conferences. The following list suggests possible but not exclusive issues.

  1. Transport modeling and control
    • Dynamic network modeling and optimization
    • Simulation and optimization of transportation systems
    • Control and management of transportation systems
    • Traffic flow modeling
    • Vehicle routing and route planning
    • Choice modeling
    • Heuristic methods in optimization
    • Human factors and travel behavior
  2. Transport economics and policy
    • Decision support analysis and operation research
    • Transportation economics and financing
    • Impact assessments and ex-post evaluation
    • Energy consumption and emission modeling
    • Travel time reliability and wider economic benefits
    • Land use and transport interactions
    • Advanced modeling approaches in logistics
    • City logistics
  3. Planning and operation
    • Public transport planning and operation
    • Transportation planning and traffic engineering
    • Road safety
    • Multi-modal transportation
    • Traveler information systems
    • Automatic data collection methods
    • Survey applications
    • Management of intelligent rail transport systems
    • Air transport operations
  4. Innovative solutions
    • Autonomous vehicle system applications
    • Safety aspects of autonomous driving
    • Advanced vehicular communication technologies
    • Shared mobility
    • Active travel modes
    • Urban mobility
    • Big data in transportation
    • Smart cities and smart mobility
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